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Ordering Instructions:

  • Click the holster model you want below(Full Size, Micro, etc).
  • Select the type of holster you want from the drop-down menu on the holster's page(Hybrid, Kybrid, etc).
    • If you have a LIGHT OR LASER mounted to your gun, you must order The Gadget so we can program the proper retention and make a custom mold for your exact set-up.  Select the holster model from the drop-down menu on The Gadget's Page.  All Gadget Holsters come in Kybrid format.
  • Add your holster(s) to the cart.
  • In your cart, type in the make and model of your firearm and whether you are left or right-handed, in the "special instructions" box.  Also include your accessories if you're ordering The Gadget (TLR7 and Delta Point Pro, for example).
    • Example:  Glock 19, Right Hand

More Information

ProTEQ strives to make the highest quality holsters for concealed carry, because your life may someday depend on it!  So far, our reviewers tell us we're succeeding!

We have both IWB and OWB options available, including all Kydex in addition to our Hybrid and Kybrid lines.  Below we discuss the difference between our Hybrid and Kybrid holsters.

ProTEQ Hybrid Holster:

A top notch Hybrid Holster, using the best materials available for the job, Kydex 100 and Horsehide, along with professionally designed templates and molding.  If you're looking for a high quality Hybrid Holster, look no further than the ProTEQ Hybrid Holster. 

ProTEQ Kybrid Holster:  

The first--to our knowledge--holster on the market to include full Kydex coverage on the gun while being attached to a premium horsehide backer.  The Kybrid is the best of both worlds.  So in the fall of 2017 ProTEQ did just that, and the first Kybrid was born.

Check out our YouTube Channel for lots more content about our gear.

    Optional Ordering Instructions:

    • If you would like a custom graphic laser engraved on your holster, please note it in the special instructions box and email us a copy of it; preferably black and white with high contrast.
    • If you were referred by someone, please also include their first and last name in the "special instructions" box.  (example:  Glock 19, Right Hand, John Smith)
    If you have a special "custom" request or any questions, please contact us via phone or email to discuss your specific need and we will do our best to help you.

    **Due to increased demand, current turnaround time is about 5 weeks!!  Expediting is available.**