Welcome to ProTEQ Custom Gear, home of The Kybrid Holster Line!  Our mission is to provide high quality products to the firearms industry, with the end goal of helping save lives. We provide firearms related engineering services, holsters, magazine holders, and custom applications to meet customers' specific needs. We back our products with a lifetime guarantee, and we thank you for giving us an opportunity to earn your business!

Quick News!!

Current turnaround time is approximately 6 weeks!! 
To aid in the ordering process, we have upgraded our website to include the ability to add accessories and Top-Down Cuts within each holster's page.  Therefore we have eliminated the Top-Down and Gadget Holster pages because they are no longer needed!
We are in the process of expanding the business to meet the steadily-increasing demand and reduce turnaround time to two weeks once again.  That being said, we will be moving into a larger facility by or before June 2020.  Thank you all for your continued support as we pursue the next big step!!
Also, we are no longer manufacturing hybrid holsters, and are only manufacturing Kybrids from this point forward.  The hybrid holster is an inferior product, and we often would upgrade the few customers (less than 5% in 2019) who ordered them to Kybrids because we can't stomach the possibility of the retention not being proper or the leather backer flexing inward too far upon re-holstering.  Holsters must be safe by fully covering the trigger guard, accessible by allowing for a full grip on the gun, comfortable and robust for all day carry, and must protect the wearer and the gun from harm.  The Kybrid accomplishes all of these constraints, so The Kybrid is what we offer. Stay safe, everybody!  -Stephen @ ProTEQ