This is a compilation of answers to questions we've been asked over the course of being in business.  Note:  We just started putting this page together mid-February 2020.  If you have any suggestions please let us know!

Q:  Why pay more for one of your holsters instead of another company's?  What makes your holster one of the best options available? 

A:  In a nutshell, our Kybrid Holsters are safe, comfortable, accessible, repeatable, adjustable, and built to literally last.  For added value, our customers' experience much less wear in their pants due to how we mold down over the edge of the muzzle, thus making pants last a much longer time by not wearing holes in them, along with protecting the muzzle of the gun.  We have two types of customers; the kind who wants a premium holster as their first purchase, and the kind who purchases incrementally more and more expensive holsters until they find us.  The latter customer ends up spending waaay more money purchasing a "box of holsters" than the first customer did by coming straight to us.  For more details, watch this video (starts at 1:06) where we share why our holsters are worth the extra purchase.

Note:  This video is rather old, and Stephen and the team will be making a new one soon, as we have made some advancements since producing this video.

Q:  What is the turnaround time on your holsters?  If I order one today, when can I expect to receive it in the mail?

A:  Current turnaround time is shared on our "Home" Page at the bottom in the "Quick News" section.  Please, if your order date is still within our posted turnaround time, don't email us asking when you will receive your rig in the mail.  It only slows us down and makes the process longer.  

Q:  What about accessories? 

A:  Weapon mounted lights, lasers, optics, compensators, extended controls, etc., all are part of the industry, and accommodating them on customers' guns to produce custom holsters can be a challenge at times.  However, with over a decade of tackling this task, we have come up with an elegant solution that works the first time almost every time.  So, if you're wondering why we ask that you mail us your accessory, please watch the video below.  In some cases we can accommodate your accessory without needing you to mail it to us, like with optics for example, but the majority of the time for other non-optic related accessories, we'll need to borrow yours to make your custom rig, and then we'll ship it all right back to you.  

Q:  What are Top-Down Cuts?

A:  Top-Down Cuts allow the wearer to decide whether they'd like to wear their holster inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB).  

Q:  What is the IWB Thumb Break?

A:  The IWB Thumb Break is an add-on available on several of our IWB holsters, providing a Level 2 Retention Strap while maintaining comfort and concealability.  See the video for how it works.

Q:  How do I adjust my holster's retention?

A:  There is a retention adjustment screw on our later generation holsters, starting with generation 9.  Simply turn it 1/4 of a turn at a time to either tighten or loosen your holster's retention. 

  • That being said, we try and mold every holster to have the proper level of retention even if the retention screw is not present.  However, on occasion especially with custom holsters to accommodate guns and specific accessories, the holster will be too tight for the customer's liking.  When that happens, we send them a return label and get their holster and accessories back in our shop, adjust them, and ship them right back.  Caution:  Do NOT attempt to do this yourself, please, as the Kydex molding process is an art and is quite difficult to master on a premium custom made holster.  If you do attempt to re-mold your Kydex and mess it up, contact us and we'll help you fix it for a fee.  

Q:  Why don't you cover the magazine release?

A:  We don't cover the magazine release so that you can still access it from inside the holster, for various reasons listed in the video below. Additionally, due to the thickness of the inner layer of Kydex and the Leather backer, accidentally pushing the button is a non-issue on MOST guns, not all. Disclaimer: Depending on the design of the magazine release, we're not always able to accomplish this. Some designs require that we cover them, but most allow us to leave them accessible and they cannot be accidentally bumped as long as they are facing the body. If it's facing away from the body, we have to cover it and space it off of the magazine release for the obvious reason of bumping it against things as you lean against them.

Q:  How do I break a Loctite screw loose on my OWB rig--for example The Tac/Comp--in case I need to change the clips?

A:  In the rare occurrence that this is needed, we usually have the customer ship it back to the shop so we can replace the clips and update the hardware (screws, posts, etc) and add more Loctite.  However, if you want to do it at home, here is how we do it in-house, along with a little comic relief!  :)

Q:  My HMAG is too tight to fit onto my belt.  How do I adjust it?

A:  Follow the procedure on your packing slip, and watch this video if necessary.  

Q:  What extras go into your holsters that aren't typically found elsewhere?  Also what prevents holes from developing in my clothes?

A:  Holsters have to be safe, comfortable, promote access to the wearer with 1 or 2 hands, be robust enough to not fail when needed most, and must be built to last a lifetime.  Holsters also have to help prevent clothing wear.  We add lots of extras into the making of our holsters, such as slightly over-molding the muzzle of end of the gun, and rounding off and polishing all of the edges.  This prevents the sharp edges of the wearer's gun from wearing a hole in their pants.  We can't show all of our secrets, but here is a sample video of the amount of detail that goes into each mold, and another video showing our ever-improving product line by introducing Generation 11 in July, 2020.  

Q:  Can I tuck my shirt in with one of your holsters?

A:  Yes!  You can tuck your shirt in with any of our IWB holsters that have two clips on them.  

Q:  My leather backer has a somewhat rough texture.  Will it smooth out or is there anything I can do to it to make it smoother?

A:  Yes, there are a few options for you, such as wearing an undershirt, adding more saddle soap or leather conditioner to it, lightly sanding it with sand-paper, or simply wearing it and allowing your sweat/skin oil to soak into it over time which will continue to soften it and form it to your body.  Watch the video for more.

Q:  I don't wear belts, and/or I prefer to wear a band or carry my gun in a bag/purse.  Can I wear your holster without a belt, and/or can you make a holster for my band/bag?

A:  Yes!  We have several clip options available and will work with you to meet your specific needs.  Reach out to us and we'll help you find what will meet your needs.  We also make holster inserts for bands and bags!  

Q:  How do I ship my gun to you in the case that you cannot find a mold for it?

A:  The ATF allows for gun-owners to ship their handguns to an FFL, and for the FFL to ship the gun-owner's handgun directly back to them.  Both are via private carriers, like UPS.  To read more about it, check out question #6 on the ATF's Q&A page.  https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/docs/0813-firearms-top-12-qaspdf/download

Q:  How do I install my MatchPoint Loops?

A:  Here is a link to MatchPoint's video on how to do it!