The Pocket Mag (Pocket Magazine Carrier)

$ 49.95

Ordering Instructions: 
  • Select which pocket you want the magazine carrier to be in.
  • Select whether you want the magazine to be facing rounds forward or rounds rearward.  
    • Note:  It's a personal preference based upon how you want to grab the magazine.
  • In the "special instructions" section of your shopping cart, include the following:
    • The make and model of your gun, and the magazine capacity (10 round, 17 round, etc) that you intend to use in your magazine carrier. 
      • Example:  Glock 19, 17 Round Magazine
The Pocket Mag is for anyone who wants to be able to quickly add a spare magazine to virtually any pocket, belt, bag, etc.  It holds the magazine in place, and helps prevent any debris from getting into it.   It is height-adjustable, and also allows for slight angular adjustment, as shown in the following video. 

Our pocket magazine carrier was designed to improve reliability and longevity of pocket spare magazine carrying.  Add one to round out your EDC carry rig today!!

When placing your order, be sure to include in the comments section the make and model of your gun, and magazine capacity that you intend to use in your horizontal magazine carrier. 

Ordering Instructions: 
In the "Special Instructions" box of your cart, please indicate which magazine you would like the Pocket Mag made to fit.  Also indicate which pocket you'd like to carry it in, as well as whether you'd like your rounds to face forward or rearward. 

The Pocket Mag will be made to access with your support hand (non-gun hand) as demonstrated in the video above.