The Alaskan (Chest Rig, Open Carry)

$ 319.95

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Select your Carry Position; whether you are left or right handed.
  2. Select whether you have Accessories on your gun (Optics, Lights, Lasers, and/or Other (Threaded Barrel, Extended Controls, Suppressor Height Sights)).
  3. Select whether you want the Level 2 Retention Hood mounted to your holster to help prevent a gun grab.
  4. Add your holster to your cart.
  5. In your cart, type in the make and model of your firearm in the "special instructions" box, along with what accessories are mounted to your gun.  Also include your desired carry angle (most users prefer around 20° from vertical).
    • If you have accessories mounted to your gun, we may request that you mail them do us (mainly lights or lasers) so we can use them to make your holster and mail them back to you.

The Alaskan is built for all-day chest carry in any environment that allows for open carry or a coat if carrying concealed.  It has all of the same built-in ruggedness as our normal Kybrids, except it has a custom horsehide backer and an adjustable chest rig to fit a myriad of body sizes.  Watch the video for more!