OWB Magazine Carrier

$ 49.95

Ordering Instructions: 
  • Select which side of your body you want the magazine carrier to be on, and whether you want a single or a double magazine carrier.
  • Select whether you want the magazine to be facing rounds forward or rounds rearward.  
    • Note:  It's a personal preference based upon how you want to grab the magazine.
  • Select whether you want a Molle-Lok, Tek-Lok, or Speed Ease Clips for mounting to your belt.  The Molle-Lok is easier to engage/disengage from your belt and allows for some forward/back rotation while carrying, while the Tek-Lok has a greater wingspan to prevent rotation and is more robust; both the Molle-Lok and the Tek-Lok are more geared towards open carry.  The Speed Ease Clips are the best for concealed carry, as they ride tight to the body and are easy to put on and take off. 
    • The Molle-Lok and Tek-Lok require a 1.5" tall belt or smaller.  The Speed Ease Clips will work with up to a 1.75" belt.  Just include that in the next step below.
  • In the "special instructions" section of your shopping cart, include the following:
    • The make and model of your gun, and the magazine capacity (10 round, 17 round, etc) that you intend to use in your magazine carrier. 
    • Any additional instructions.
The OWB Magazine Carrier will be made to access with your support hand (non-gun hand) as demonstrated in the video below.
The OWB Magazine Carrier is for when you want to quickly add 1 or more spare magazines to your belt.  It is available at virtually any angle (forward, rearward, inward, outward) that the user defines.