IWB Magazine Carrier (Single or Double)

$ 79.95

Ordering Instructions: 
  • Select "Single Magazine Carrier" or "Double Magazine Carrier" from the drop down menu.  The single is for 1 magazine.  The double is for 2 magazines.
    • In the same drop-down menu, also select what attachment method you would like to have.  
      • "Clips Front and Back" indicates that the clips are mounted to the leather.
      • "Clip(s) on Outer Layer of Kydex" indicates that the clips are mounted to the Kydex. 
  • Choose which side of your body you want the magazine carrier to be on. 
    • For example, if you are carrying your gun on the right side of your body, we recommend carrying your spare magazine(s) on the left side of your body so you can gain access with your left hand while your right hand holds your gun.  
  • Select whether you want the magazine(s) to be facing rounds forward or rounds rearward.  
    • Note:  It's a personal preference based upon how you want to grab the magazine.
  • In the "special instructions" section of your shopping cart, include the following:
    • The make and model of your gun, and the magazine capacity (10 round, 17 round, etc) that you intend to use in your magazine carrier. 
    • Any additional instructions.
The IWB Magazine Carrier will be made to access with your support hand (non-gun hand) as demonstrated in the videos.
Our IWB Magazine Carrier is back!  After multiple requests we decided to bring back our line of IWB spare magazine solutions.  Even though the HMAG is much faster and easier to access, the IWB line still has merit and is tuckable where the HMAG is not.