The Caboose (Small of the Back Sidecar)

$ 249.95

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Select your Carry Position; whether you are left or right handed.
  2. Select whether you have Accessories on your gun (Optics, Lights, Lasers, and/or Other (Threaded Barrel, Extended Controls, Suppressor Height Sights)).
  3. Select whether you want your magazine to face rounds towards the gun or rounds away from the gun.  Most choose rounds towards the gun.
  4. Add your holster to your cart.
  5. In your cart, type in the make and model of your firearm in the "special instructions" box. 
    1. If you have Accessories mounted to your gun, type in what they are.
    2. An example entry would be as follows:  "Glock 43 with Streamlight TLR6 ."  Another example would be as follows:  "Sig P365."
    3. We have some accessories in our inventory, but in the event that we do not have your exact light or laser, we may ask that you mail it to us.  We will use your accessory to make your rig, and then mail it and your rig back to you.  We have a jig that accounts for optics, so all we normally need are customers' lights or lasers.

      The Caboose is an inside-the-waistband sidecar rig that is built to ride in the small of the back.  It is built to withstand sitting/leaning against it all day, while giving the wearer a comfortable experience similar to wearing a lumbar support.  It is also tuckable, so on the days where you wish to tuck your shirt in, you can still wear your rig and be effectively concealed at the same time.   Watch the video for more details!  Also check out our Q&A Page for more information!