Tac/Comp (OWB, 3-5 o'clock)

$ 189.95

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Select your holster model; Kydex Only, Kybrid, or Kybrid HD.  See videos for descriptions of each.  
  2. Select your Carry Position; whether you are left or right handed.
  3. Select whether you have an accessory mounted to your gun.
  4. Add your holster to your cart.
  5. In your cart, type in the make and model of your firearm in the "special instructions" box, along with what accessories are mounted to your gun. 
    1. If you have accessories mounted to your gun, we may request that you mail them do us (mainly lights or lasers) so we can use them to make your holster and mail them back to you.
  6. In your cart, type in your belt thickness, and whether you would like Molle-Lock Clips, or Speed Ease Hooks.  The Molle-Lock clips come in 4mm thickness, and 6mm thickness (both fit 1.5" wide belts).  The Speed Ease Hooks fit both thick and thin belts, and will fit up to 1.75" wide belts.  If you ordered a Tac/Comp Kybrid HD, you can also elect to have custom Kydex 100 Clips made; simply provide your belt width and thickness.

        The Tac/Comp is a dual purpose OWB holster built for both tactical and competition environments. It is over-built, close to the body, and is custom tailored to the user's physique. Check out the video for more.