OWB Magazine Carrier

$ 44.95

Ordering Instructions: 
  • Select which side of your body you want the magazine carrier to be on.
  • Select whether you want the magazine to be facing rounds forward or rounds rearward.  
    • Note:  It's a personal preference based upon how you want to grab the magazine.
  • Select whether you want a Molle-Lok or a Tek-Lok for your belt clip.  The Molle-Lok is easier to engage/disengage from your belt and allows for some forward/back rotation while carrying, while the Tek-Lok has a greater wingspan to prevent rotation and is more robust. 
    • Both require a 1.5" belt.  If you have a 1.75" tall belt, we can make you custom belt loops that you will have to thread your belt through.  Just include that in the next step below.
  • In the "special instructions" section of your shopping cart, include the following:
    • The make and model of your gun, and the magazine capacity (10 round, 17 round, etc) that you intend to use in your magazine carrier. 
    • Any additional instructions.
The OWB Magazine Carrier will be made to access with your support hand (non-gun hand) as demonstrated in the video below.
The OWB Magazine Carrier is for when you want to quickly add 1 or more spare magazines to your belt.  It is available at virtually any angle (forward, rearward, inward, outward) that the user defines.