Welcome to ProTEQ Custom Gear, home of The Kybrid Holster Line!  Our mission is to provide high quality products to the firearms industry, with the end goal of helping save lives. We provide firearms related engineering services, holsters, magazine holders, and custom applications to meet customers' specific needs. We back our products with a lifetime guarantee, and we thank you for giving us an opportunity to earn your business!

Quick News!!

Current turnaround time is approximately 9 weeks!!  
In mid August, we began seeing even more shortages in materials.  Thankfully we prepared as best as we could during 2020 for upcoming shortages.  We have enough materials on-hand to make rigs for almost a year.  However, our material costs are projected to increase by as much as 47% according to some of our suppliers.  We're going to try to keep our prices as low as possible to keep folks happy, but please know that we may have to increase our prices by mid-year 2022 or possibly sooner.  Miss Amy is a new Grandma as of 10/11/2021.  Please be sure to keep her, her daughter, and her new grandson in your prayers as they embrace their new little one.  Also, thank you all for continuing to choose us!
Stay safe, everybody!  -Stephen @ ProTEQ
P.S. Contact info is on the About Us Page! 
Below is a super old video from the old shop that Stephen needs to update but hasn't yet because he's having too much fun making new gear!
The above video is from our old shop.  We'll make one of the new shop soon!