The Gadget (Gun + Accessory, Applies to all Holster Models)

$ 189.95

Ordering Instructions:

  • Look at the other holster models on the Gear Page and decide what carry position and holster model you want.
  • Select the holster model you want from the drop down list (Full Size, Micro, S.O.B., Cross-Draw, Cup, Top Down, Tac/Comp, Little Buddy).
  • Add your holster(s) to the cart.
  • In your cart, type in the make and model of your firearm, in addition to the accessory or accessories mounted onto the gun, and whether you are left or right-handed, in the "special instructions" box
    • Example:  Glock 19, Delta Point Pro, Streamlight TLR7, Right Hand
  • Also in your cart, specify whether you wish to have Black (rust resistant) or Nickel Plated (rust proof) belt clips.

Additional Note:  Email us or call us with your configuration if you have any questions and to talk about your set-up.  We may also ask that you mail us your accessory if we don't already own it.  We would make your rig, and then mail it and your accessory safely back to you. 812-201-6002.

The Gadget is for any firearm with added accessories--weapon lights, lasers, or  optics.  It is available for any of our normal carrying positions.  It has a custom leather backer and is produced from a custom mold every time due to the vast array of combinations--gun + accessory--that a user can choose from.  It is available in only the Kybrid format due to the requirement for proper retention when using accessories.