The Full Size (3-5 o'clock)

$ 99.95


The Full Size Holster is for any full size firearm (sidearm) that requires a larger holster backer to better disperse the load across the wearer's body. 

Ordering Instructions:

  • Select the type of holster you want (Hybrid, Kybrid).
  • Add your holster(s) to the cart.
  • In your cart, type in the make and model of your firearm and whether you are left or right-handed, in the "special instructions" box
    • Example:  Glock 19, Right Hand
  • Also in your cart, specify whether you wish to have Black (rust resistant) or Nickel Plated (rust proof) belt clips.

    Two Premium Options Available:

    ProTEQ Hybrid Holster

    • Kydex 100, the strongest Kydex available.  40% stronger than regular Kydex.
    • Premium Horsehide Leather backer designed to disperse the pressure from the weapon across itself, providing the necessary comfort to wear the holster all day.
    • Black (will eventually rust) or Nickel Plated (almost rust proof), spring steel belt clips.
    • Stainless steel hardware to secure the belt clips to the leather.
    • High-friction washer to prevent unintended belt clip rotation.
    • Stainless steel lock washer to prevent the belt clip screws from backing out.
    • Nickel plated solid brass double cap rivets to mount the Kydex to the leather.
    • Leather treated with leather conditioner on the gun-side of the leather to improve retention and form the gun into the leather.
    • Leather treated with saddle soap on the wearer's side to cause the leather to form to your body and to improve water resistance.
    • Leather edges burnished for a smooth feel against your body.
    • Fully adjustable in ride height and angle, to make the holster better fit to your body.  All that's needed is an allen wrench.
    • Slight curve pre-programmed into the holster to make it better fit your body and increase comfort for all-day carry.
    • Kydex formed to allow holstering and drawing with the weapon's slide back (for example, some ranges require slides to be to the rear when not on the firing line).
    • Tuck-able design allows for the shirt to be worn tucked into the pants and around the holster and behind the backside of the clips.
    • Logo and Serial number laser engraved into leather for lifetime warranty database.

    ProTEQ Kybrid Holster

    • The best holster ProTEQ can make, including all of the features of the ProTEQ Hybrid Holster, PLUS:
    • Kydex 100 coverage on BOTH sides of the gun.
      • .080” Kydex 100 on the outside
      • .062” Kydex 100 on the inside
      • Provides consistent retention throughout the life of the holster.
      • While the leather becomes more and more comfortable by molding to the wearer’s body, the full Kydex coverage will provide nearly the same level of retention throughout the life of the holster.
      • Fully covers both sides of the gun’s trigger guard.
    • Prevents the possibility of an accidental discharge caused by the holster.
    • Prevents large debris from entering the firearm's trigger guard. 
    • Provides robust linear draw-stroke, helping to prevent an unexpected "gun-grab."
    • Crafted Premium Horsehide Backer
      • Back surfaces (top, bottom, and flex points) blended to provide further comfort to the wearer.
      • Burnished edges are coated with Edge-Coat to provide further water resistance.
      • Cut to allow for a full stacked thumbs grip with the gun hand while still in the holster, leaving no need to re-adjust the thumb after drawing for the support hand to complete the grip.