Level 1: Defensive Knife

$ 125.00

This course provides a small core group of techniques that can be applied to close quarters defense with an edged weapon.  Within arm's reach, in several cases an edged weapon can be used to stop a threat faster than using a handgun.  Another advantage to having this simple skill-set is for environments where firearms are prohibited (i.e. some businesses, foreign countries, etc).  This is a one-day course with 6-8 hours of material included.

Common scenarios addressed are:

  • Being held at gunpoint or knife-point within arm's reach, either facing the threat or facing away from the threat.
  • Being grabbed from behind or front.
  • Firearm takeaway techniques.

Equipment Needed:

  • The KA-BAR TDI serrated knife is a compact, lightweight, robust, ergonomically correct defensive knife that is perfect for the techniques taught in this course.  

  • Link:  www.KABAR.com
  • This knife is available from several different sources, ranging from around $39 to $60+.  Shop around to find the best deal.
  • ProTEQ will supply non-sharp training knives very similar to this one for use during this course.  



Defensive Foundation