The HACC (OWB, Horizontal Accessory)

$ 59.95

Our horizontal accessory carrier was designed to provide concealability, accessability, and comfort for carrying less than lethal options such as lights, lasers, spray, etc on your waistline.  It it built to withstand the most aggressive snags and still stay on your belt.  (It will even support Stephen's fully suspended weight!)

Ordering Instructions: 

In the comments section of your order, please indicate which direction you wish for the accessory to face, and which hand you wish to draw it with.  The pouch is reversible and accessible with either hand, but this info will help us determine which side to face the retention adjustment towards, and which side to laser engrave.  We may require that you mail us your accessory so that we can make your pouch and then mail it back to you.

If you have any question please call or email us from our "About Us" page.