The Top Down (IWB/OWB Convertible)

$ 154.95


The Top Down holster is an option available for any of our holsters that provides the ability for the holster to be worn IWB or OWB; inside or outside the waistband.  The Top Down conversion adds 2 slots to the holster to allow for a belt to be threaded through the leather if the wearer desires to wear the holster outside their waistband on any particular day.  The Top Down is only available in Kybrid format because Hybrids require the sandwiching effect that the belt and pants provide when carried IWB.  When carrying OWB, the Kybrid will ensure the proper retention is still maintained.

Ordering Instructions:

  • Select the type of holster you want (Kybrid only for The Top Down).
  • Add your holster(s) to the cart.
  • In the Special Instructions Box of your cart, include the following:
    • The model of holster you want your Top-Down made to. 
      • Full Size, Micro, Cross-Draw, etc.  View the models on the Gear Page.
    • The make and model of your firearm and whether you are left or right-handed.
    • Specify whether you wish to have Black (rust resistant) or Nickel Plated (rust proof) belt clips.
  • Example text:  Full Size Holster, Glock 19, Right Hand, Black Clips